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Zoe Ford

Zoe Ford

My artistic practice draws inspiration from an array of sources;

The concept, process and outcome can be realised purely from one initial thought in a variety of physical or emotional environments or over time from a significant personal experience. I am particularly interested in human nature and life experiences that connect us together but also set us apart as individuals.

Although I developed my creativity primarily in drawing from an early age, in more recent years I have discovered a growing interest and passion for new and novel processes and particularly the combination of a variety of techniques.I find mixed media fascinating and also the risk and learning curve involved in experimenting in new media. Through this, my work is in turn inspired by material processes. The interaction and experimentation of materials is fundamental and leads to new ideas and concepts.I feel excitement in the experience of curiosity and questioning when viewing artwork.

I would like my own work to pose questions in the viewer but still be accessible and open to subjectivity. I am interested in exploring a variety of subjects and themes that are personal to myself but also resonate with a wide audience.I strive to create pieces that excite the viewer as well as myself and create a curiosity in them, whether it’s about the medium, process or subject matter. Every individual has their own unique view and response and I appreciate and welcome this.

“Variety’s the very spice of life, that gives it all its flavour” William Cowper

Giving myself time to experience and explore in-between creating is what helps me to fuel new work.



Twitter:  @zoeford1989