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Please Touch

This is an interactive exhibition exploring the themes of materiality, texture and public engagement.

Please use your sense of touch to explore all of these works.

We are a collective group of five third year artists studying at Norwich University of the Arts.

Touching of artworks is taboo in most gallery spaces, creating an instant barrier between the materiality of the artwork and the viewer. If viewers are allowed to touch an artwork and fee lf the textures between their fingertips, they instantly gain a richer experience than if they use sight alone.

Please Touch is an exhibition where visitors of the Playhouse are free to touch and interact with the works. Each individual artist has a different concept behind their work, but the use of materiality, tactile mediums and textures entwine our works together with the intention for them to be handled. The exhibit is made up of a variety of sculpture, printmaking and painting.

Location: Upper Gallery, Bar and Playroom


Ruby-Jaye Wood

Gemma Jouques

Emma Hampson

Rosie Groom

Amy-Rose Williams