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Richard Mills surfaceview

Richard Mills

SURFACE VIEW - photographic studies of surface textures, with a primary intention to evoke a sense of land, sea & sky.

‘Much of the world around us is not seen, though it falls within our visual range, it does not come within in our conscious intellect. In other words, we are not looking for it, so it in a sense, we only find the world we look for and it will only start to reveal its secrets when we are prepared to give more than a cursory glance’

What started off as simple photographic studies of aged surfaces, in particular, weathered stone and concrete, my logical mind, attempted to find and interpret what it saw. Although we look with our eyes, we ‘see’ with our brains. What first struck me, was a an unexpected shift in perspective, having no reference point of scale or depth of field. The images presented a view of much greater distance and more suggestive to me, of abstract watercolour or oil painting than photographs. So I began to look closer, interpret more deeply and explore with a sense of perception. A desire for the initial response to suggest to the eye, vision of land, sky or seascape ‘views’ within the surfaces became primary. In places that go un-noticed, out of the general view and often at ground level, characteristics such as cracks or a simple scratch became horizon lines, staining or even flaking paint would mimic cloud formations. Through the physical environment and elemental effects such as the growth of lichen and etching of soft stone by salt laden winds, nature through its own creative force, seemed to produce a representation of itself. A mirroring it seemed, of the places in which these surfaces exist.

Richard's photographs are displayed in Bar, Playroom and Upper & Lower Galleries

Postcards & cards of surfaceview are available to purchase from the Playhouse Bar

5th August to 30th August