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Web accessibility

We believe our website should be accessible by all visitors, so we have followed the recommended guidelines from the Web Accessibility Initiative to level AA+.

To ensure our site is usable for as many people as possible, we have taken the following steps:

  • Provided alternative text for all images, to provide a description for all non-decorative images. 
  • Used labels to associate a text label with each form element.
  • Ensured link text describes its destination.
  • Made all text resizable, and used a clear font type.
  • Ensuring the site is usable without technologies such as Javascript and Css.
  • All pages on the site comply to the W3C standards.

Disability Guides

The BBC maintains some excellent guides for people with various disabilities including how to change browser and operating system settings to make things easier. Follow this link:-

Navigation Aids

This website includes the following access keys:

  • 0 - Go to The Learning Curve homepage
  • 1 - Go to site map
  • 2 - Go to accessibility page (this page)

For detailed information on how to use access keys with your web browser, please see this Wikipedia article