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Post show discussion for Continued Theatre Trips (CTTs) project

Education Overview

Our aim is to make it as easy as possible for teachers and students to visit our theatre and gain a positive educational value from the experience. And have fun!

(photo: Continued Theatre Trips students at post show for Edmund the Learned Pig)

Playhouse Education is committed to meeting the needs of teachers in relation to the new specifications for English and Spoken Language at GCSE and A level.

We believe that access to quality theatre experiences for students, as audience members or performers, is of measurable benefit to the English/English Literature curriculum through
1. understanding and interpreting texts
2. empathising with characters' feelings
3. engaging in critical and reflective thinking and, in particular
4. broadening both general knowledge and cultural litracy in preparation for reading "unseen" texts

The Playhouse also supports Learning outside the Classroom (LotC):
1. recognising that learning outside the classroom is an essential part of the learning process
2. promoting social, citizenship or sustainable education objectives, e.g. values, attitudes, aesthetic awareness
3. enhancing personal and social development

Current Curriculum-led projects: (for further details click HERE)

StageLit 6 -  devised with Heads of English and Drama departments to give Year 8-12 English Literature students a way into critical and reflective thinking for exams through performing extracts from curriculum texts on stage at the Playhouse.

Springboards 20 - devised with Heads of Drama/Theatre Studies departments to ensure that GCSE/A level/KS5 Btec and equivalent students gain experience of working with professionals on a theatre stage, presenting their devised texts beofre exams.

It is important to us that Playhouse schools' projects and productions support curriculum objectives. Please feel free to contact us with ideas and requests for future programming.

We are aware of Ofsted’s Outstanding Grade Descriptor for the Curriculum in English that states:

“Pupils’ learning is very well enhanced by enrichment activities such as theatre and cinema visits...”

Playhouse Education is supported by Town Close Estate Charity